Recording studio

Recording Studio control room

DCAS proudly boast one of Derbyshire's most exclusive state-of-the-art recording studios.

This is a purpose built and designed standalone acoustically sealed recording studio complex with live/performance room and control room spaces, all rooms rated to 65db volume levels with full acoustic treatment and room tuning throughout. Access is also available to other tracking rooms and Esmono isolation/vocal booth, with:

  • 32 inputs and 16 outputs in tracking room 1.

  • four inputs and four outputs in isolation/vocal booth space.

  • eight inputs and eight outputs in tracking room 2.

  • 12 separate input sources and two stereo outputs in control room space.

A great place to feel creatively inspired and capture a professional sound.

The recording studio is staffed by engineers with over 20 years combined experience in all aspects of studio and live music production, both on a professional and personal level. Well versed in modern and traditional recording techniques, certified Apple Logic professionals and offering a multitude of experience in all current DAW software and recording. Devoted to achieving excellent results and promoting developing talent in music and the arts.

Please contact us for a private booking quote.

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Recording studio Recording studio Recording studio Recording studio